What is Otaku?

Many people in this world like animation movie, especially Japan Animation called Anime.

Sometimes people will call you an Otaku if you are to addicted watching Anime or reading Manga.

We can do it by online on the internet, or buy a manga book or Anime DVD.

There are many website that discuss about Anime and Manga like
Animagz.net, or even sharing the latest chapter or manga, and even sharing the web for streaming Anime.

Otaku word is very ambiguous, a lot of people say oh it means one thing, and while others are like oh it means something else.

But then if you ask the Japanese people, they will actually say no, or it means something totally different.

So, here let’s discuss about Otaku and, hopefully can give us a better understanding of what exactly is an otaku.

1. Conventional Definition

If we look up the word otaku on English Wikipedia, it reads as follows someone who has a hobby that they spend more time, money, and effort on that normal people do.

They know a lot about their hobby and things related to it.

For example, an anime otaku might spend a lot of time watching anime, buy a lot of DVDs, and other products.

They learn about the people who create anime, such as the people who draw, the people who make the voices of the characters, or create something like music or drawings about anime.

So in other words, the word otaku can easily be used for a substitute for words such as geek or nerd.

In other words it is someone who is obsessed about something in particular whether it be anime or manga.

2. Japanese Definition

Japanese definition of Otaku said “An otaku is a term used to define an individual who has an obsession with something they are interested in.” Or “A person who has a greater understanding and/or a greater passion towards something than the average individual.”

3. Conclusion

The japanese definition of the word otaku and the English definition of the word otaku seem to be pretty match together.

So why is it that so many people argue as to what the word otaku specifically means?

Sometimes people think that Otaku has a negative connotation, so there are some people who think that the word otaku is actually just talking about a nerd or a geek.

In other words, something that is if we were to say neutral rather than positive or negative while there are some other people who take it in a positive way or someone who is an expert on something.

Or it can be taken and getting in a negative way, someone who lacks common sense and social skills so the question comes along what exactly is an otaku well to answer your question it’s all because not many people know that the word otaku is subjective as we said before.

Well the word otaku can mean lots of different things depending on the perspective you look at it sure.

It can be used to replace it’s such a negative terms such as nerd or geek, but it can also be replaced by other more positive words such as fan expert mania or even scholar.

So if we hear someone who says the meaning about Otaku in the negative way, maybe he/she just hate or unlike what Otaku do.