Top 5 Unsolved One Piece Misteries

We know that One Piece has reached 20 years old and still airing with leaving some unanswered questions.

One Piece Anime is one amongst the Anime that very popular that fans wait for the end and hopping to get answered all of the question.

As unimaginable because it could seem, the doorway to the Grand Line may be a mountain.

For this list, we’ll be basing our entries on the plot points which are popularly purported to be the foremost important to the storyline.

Now, let’s go further!

Where is that the All Blue?

Sanji ever said that The All Blue may be a place where fish from all four seas live.

There’s fish from East Blue, the West Blue, the North Blue, and also the South Blue.

The world of One Piece is generally covered by water, making seafood very fashionable. So it only seems natural that chefs everywhere dream of finding an ocean where fish and sea life from all four cardinal blue oceans and also the equatorial Grand Line mingle.

Referred to as All Blue, discovering it’s the ambition of the hat Pirates’ resident cook Sanji.  Some people think All Blue lies adjacent to Reverse Mountain, the doorway to the Grand Line from all four Blues. 

Others believe the label may be applied to Fish-Man Island, the undersea gateway between the Grand Line’s first and second halves. Wherever it lies, One Piece fans are absolute to learn eventually.

Dragon’s Past

Monkey D. Dragon is one amongst the foremost prominent figures within the series, and fans are puzzling over his identity for the greater a part of the series.

What can we understood is that he was born within the Goa Kingdom of East Blue like his son which he left before Luffy was the right age to recollect him, leaving him to be spoken by his grandfather.

If we speak about Dragon, there’ll be many questions up to our mind, like Why he began the Revolutionaries, who Luffy’s mother is, and far more of his history remains a tightly-held secret.

Origin of Haki

Though it’s several translations into English, Haki primarily means “spirit” or “ambition.”

The force, primarily being formally introduced late within the series’s half, was foreshadowed within the very first arc.

Haki is basically an embodiment of will, whereby its user can sense their foe’s moves, intimidate opponents to the purpose that they faint, and use it to strengthen their attacks, even bypassing defenses offered by Devil Fruits.

What’s unclear is whether or not it’s hereditary or derived from a human character.

Blackbeard’s Abilities

Marshall D. Teach, better referred to as Blackbeard, is one amongst One Piece’s central antagonists.

Part of what makes him such an intimidating villain is that the indisputable fact that he’s been able to do what nobody else within the world has acquire the skills of quite one Devil Fruit.

After he and his crew murdered Whitebeard, Blackbeard somehow managed to extract the shock wave-creating ability of his former captain.

Normally, eating two Devil Fruits causes someone to die, so Blackbeard’s act was a particular game changer.

It’s mentioned that something about Teach’s body is special, but it’s never elaborated on.

With rumors that Blackbeard is taking more abilities, his inevitable battle with Luffy is bound to be memorable.

The Origin of Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit bestows superhuman and supernatural abilities to people who consume them, at the value of becoming unable to swim.

Many of the series’s prominent characters have eaten one, but only a few people within the world of One Piece know much about how they work or where they came from.

Some things are generally known about their functions, like how there can only be one user of a capability at a time, which nobody, except Blackbeard, can eat quite one.

It’s rumored that the devil fruits were made by a sea devil, and are said to own come from somewhere within the Grand Line. Beyond that, only the scientist Dr. Vegapunk has supposedly learned more, because He is known as the smartest man in One Piece.