4 Luxury Modern Bedroom Ideas (Top Inspiration List)

Modern style refers to many aspects in home design and decoration. There are few excellent modern bedroom ideas to try for new atmosphere. The decoration doesn’t need expensive furniture or get rid everything for the new ones. On contrary, you just mix and match then put every part in proper place.

Bedroom plays the important role in home interior. Therefore, this room needs to be adjusted to what owner requires creating relaxing atmosphere.

Small and Modern Bedroom


Small house or apartment only provides limited space for bedroom. You have to adjust between what you want and what you need to obtain proper bedroom. Small bedroom ideas become common to choose and involve the aspects in below list.

  • Bright color and more lighting
  • Mirror and high ceiling
  • Vertical furniture and storages
  • Bed on corner
  • Creative wallpaper

As you can see, the room needs brighter tone to bring spacious feeling. Put the bed at corner to give enough space. Vertical furnishings include storage, floating shelves, even bunk bed. If ceiling is already fixed, add more mirrors to emphasize the modern touch.

Glam Modern Bedroom

Another inspiration on modern bedroom ideas is glam tone. The room only uses two colors: black and white to deliver the simple, yet modern appearance. This style is suitable for adults, men, women, and married couples.

In addition, it focuses on symmetry decoration, but still look luxury. You can decorate bedroom that’s similar to presidential suite in five-star hotel. The room has bed, nightstand, desk lamp, small cupboard, mini table, chair, and few paintings. White is the main color completed with stripped black touch as wallpaper.

If your room is small, you need to keep furniture at the edge of wall or at one side of space. This method gives plenty of area for walking around. You may integrate several furnishings into multipurpose one. It saves the room efficiently from unnecessary objects.

White Modern Bedroom Ideas

White is more than color in room decoration. Designers create white-based decor as single category. Good thing about white is that it’s flexible to blend and integrate into various ideas.

Modern and white design involves full or partial touch. In full white decor, the bedroom uses everything in white, but with a little bit dark tone on ornament and wallpaper. Two primary things are white wall and bed.

Instead of full white concept, the partial one is alternative if you cannot stand to get the bright atmosphere every day. This combination consists of white bed, dark brown furniture, and contemporary wallpaper.

Wood Modern Bedroom

Wood Modern Bedroom

Wood has been in the top list for home decoration and building. You can have bedroom with combination between wood and modern concept in single place. This is interesting and unique idea to try at home.

The bed uses classic style that’s made of purely wood. To add modern touch, the bed is completed with white cushion and blanket. Next to bed, there are nightstand and desk lamps.

All furnishings come from wood such storage, table, even ceiling fan cover. This design is definitely what you expect from modern bedroom ideas. The wood provides cool and modern style without losing the luxury atmosphere.