7+ Minimalist Flower Wallpaper Ideas for Your Home

Part of the house is certainly inseparable from the wall.

Wall painting is an option that is widely used by some people cause it cists cheaper.

A technique that is also popular is to covering with wallpaper.

Minimalist flower wallpaper is a widely used choice because it gives the room a sweet and elegant impression.

The Right Minimalist Flower Wallpaper Style

1. Large scale flower

flower wallpaper cute

You can use floral wallpaper with large size images if the size of the room is spacious.

Usually, the flower is only at the top while the bottom is plain.

Large flowers add an aesthetic impression especially if a large room is not filled with a lot of furniture.

Choose bright colored flowers with a dark background.

2. Small scale flower

flower wallpaper beautiful

Not only adorable, the small flower wallpaper will give a pretty impression in a small size room.

It would be better if the distance between flowers does not stick together and pile up.

Random and symmetrical patterns of flower position still give an elegant and sweet effect.

Choose the flower color that is similar to the background, such as fuschia flower and the baby pink background.

3. Cool-colored flower

flower wallpaper designs
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When you choose colors in the cool-colored category, make sure the type of room lighting is good enough.

Usually this color will have a dramatic effect on the room.

Floral decorations with dominance of colors such as green, violet and blue are very suitable for use in small rooms.

The room will feel more comfortable even though there are large furniture like wardrobe lemari pakaian.

4. Pop decor cherry blossom

flower wallpaper image

If the single type flowers just seem boring to you, then the type of pop decor in the form of flowers that are blooming can be tried.

Wall pictures are not only dual-tone flowers, but also trees and birds picture.

The rest of the background is considered a clear sky.

This wallpaper decoration is very suitable for the bedroom.

5. Vintage flower

flower wallpaper for bedroom

Generally, the image of the flower used is a medium-sized rose.

Not only roses, wallpaper also has pictures of leaves and small twigs, while the background is sky blue.

This wallpaper is suitable for use in half the wall or the whole wall.

Other flower wallpaper images can be seen at https://insinyurbangunan.com/.

6. Romantic flower

flower elegant wallpaper

Flower images that give a romantic impression to the room are usually dominated by white as the background.

While the flower color is a gold or mustard pattern so the effect is not too contrasting.

The flower image also has a curved frame and dots around the flower.

Even though the picture is crowded, but the colors that don’t contrast make the room elegant.

7. Garden

flower wallpaper garden

You can add wallpaper like flowers that are blooming in the garden.

This wallpaper is only for the bottom of the wall to be as tall as an adult, as if the flowers are alive.

The walls are left with white so that the color is in contrast.

This wallpaper is suitable for children’s rooms.

Minimalist flower wallpaper is very suitable for a minimalist concept house.

Occupants rarely collect excessive decorations and displays, so the wallpaper will turn on the atmosphere of the room.

Compared to other features, floral will give the impression of a natural, comfortable and elegant for those of you who like a simple residence.