5 Common Factors Hindering Gender Equality (in Many Life Aspects)

Inequality between two genders is still prevalent even in current modern society. The practice has been going on for centuries that it is hard to stop. Even then, people with progressive minds still desire for gender equality.

These people are hoping that everyone will be treated equally regardless of their gender in various settings: family, work, or society. You need to learn some factors which preventing that equality from happening.

Social Expectation of Gender Roles

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The first factor that hinders equal treatment regardless gender is societal expectation. There are certain duties and characters which society expects each gender to perform. Such expectation definitely limits everyone’s capacity to act and express their individuality.

  • Those who do not act according to societal expectation will be viewed as abnormalities.
  • Women who dabble in mechanical work.
  • Men who stay at home to take care of his children.
  • Women who decide not to get married.
  • Men with feminine type of job.

Sex Difference

From biological perspective, men and women are different. There are also physiological differences between men and women, such as dominant hormones. Experts hypothesize that this difference contributes to inequality between two genders.

Men tend to grow taller and stronger than women. Their sexually active period also extends longer than women’s. Of course, this does not apply to every case out there. However, it more or less still contributes to how society perceives women and men.

Religious View

Are you living in a society with inclination to certain religions? Religions usually teach way of life including
roles of each gender. The gender view from religious perspective can be conservative and against the view of modern equality.

In the religion, there might be encouragements for woman to fill their duty as devoted wife to their husband. This will inhibit women of that religion to actually pursue other activities beyond their married life. There are other examples showing difficulty to achieve gender equality.

Media Propaganda

Media also plays huge role in view of men and women. Most of the times, you will find media platforms that lean toward conservative thinking of gender roles. Contents from conservative media are going to influence the way people think about many subjects, including gender.

There are movies or television shows that present roles expected to be performed by men and women. Without realizing, such view is internalized in viewers’ selves. It becomes hard to achieve equality between genders because there are internalized believes related to gender roles.

Violence and Intimidation

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Although there are some cases where women show aggression toward men, you will hear news about women being victims of aggression by men more often. It is more common for men to show aggression toward opposite gender through violence and intimidation. They are not perceived as weird.

Women are almost always depicted as weak creatures which cannot handle aggression from men. Such contrasting view between males and females in regards to aggression really inhibit gender equality. No one should normalize violence directed to certain gender.