This Is The Secret Of Dutch Construction That Makes The Buildings Axis until Now

It has become evident in the field, ancient buildings of the Dutch colonial era that have hundreds of years old can still be seen today. With a European-style architectural design.

But the power of construction produced is quite strong and technologically advanced in its time. Even when compared to modern buildings, the existence of these ancient sites seemed to be a masterpiece of its own.

I was so sturdy, the type of building in the modern era seemed to lose hands down with hundreds of years of construction. For example, many of the buildings, bridges and houses.

In the modern era such as today tend to collapse easily and seem not to last. In contrast to Dutch-made buildings that are far more durable and sturdy from time to time. What is the secret behind the power of the Dutch building? Check out the following review.

Cement Specifically Made by Dutch Architect

One of the secrets that became the strength of the Dutch building was in the quality of cement. At that time, they used to use red cement and limestone mixed into one.

Finely ground red bricks into powder, then processed with limestone as building glue. They apply these materials in almost all buildings in his creation.

Such as office buildings, hospitals, military facilities and stations. Evidently, all the masterpieces of Dutch architects can still be witnessed by their existence which is spread throughout Indonesia.

Use the Best Stone Material

Indeed, red brick is a building material commonly used in Indonesia. But in contrast to locally made natives, the Dutch architects have a special treatment of the stone used.

They did not hesitate to mix in a number of materials such as self-made cement to adhere perfectly. Even when making concrete, they are not reluctant to wash broken stones which will be used if they look dirty.

The stain contained in the stone is feared to have an impact on the quality of the concrete. With this accuracy, we can still see the buildings of their creation until this country becomes independent.

Using High Quality Imported Goods

This is the greatness of the Dutch architect. Not just building buildings, but they have also prepared high-quality materials that are durable. The architects often bring in some building materials from the Netherlands themselves as the foundation of their buildings.

One of them is Semarang Johar Market which was built by Ir. Thomas Karsten in 1933 ago. Even though it had burned down, the traditional market was still standing even though it was engulfed in flames.

By using K400 quality concrete or pressure of 400 kg per cm2, the building remains sturdy and not damaged at all. Unlike the modern market buildings today.

Most only use K257 quality concrete or a pressure of 257 kg per cm2. It’s not wrong if it breaks quickly. Different qualities, different results.

Precision Building Design Techniques

In building a building, the Dutch architects were very concerned about the level of detail and precision of a construction.

In addition to using high quality building materials, the workers have also prepared a design structure that is truly in accordance with its function. One example is Katulampa Dam, Bogor, West Java, which was designed by Ir. Van Breen in 1912.

He not only designed a building foundation to prevent flooding, but also as an irrigation channel for rice fields around the dam area and a supplier of raw water reserves for residents of the capital Jakarta.

A Carefully Designed Building

Another secret that keeps Dutch buildings strong is discipline and honesty during the manufacturing process. In building, the Dutch architects were very disciplined and hard.

Both in terms of design, materials used to construction techniques. As for the budget, they are also not kidding. Starting from the quality to the results of building, is a top priority.

No matter absorbing large funds, as long as the existing construction can be durable and durable. It’s different compared to the official mentality now.

As long as there is a project budget that can be corrupted, they will do it without caring about the quality of the building.

As a result, many bridges, buildings and highways have collapsed even though they had just been built. It could be affected by quality.

Seeing the secrets of the strong construction of Dutch buildings, the Indonesian government should just look in the mirror and imitate the legacy of the past.

Besides being proven to be durable and of high quality, we can also learn from them. How is ethics in making a building to remain sturdy for hundreds of years. credit: boombastis