Decoration Trends In California

2019 is entering its final stages soon, buddy! Has the fire monkey year, friend Rooang get hopes and dreams in getting the dream dwelling? If it still hasn’t materialized.

Rooang friend doesn’t need to be upset because there is still a chance to make it happen in 2020! Well, this time Rooang will summarize the 5 most ‘hits’ inspirations in 2019 that are trending in California. Friend Rooang, curious?

The Dining Room

credit: designoursign

The first room decoration inspiration, is your dining room buddy! The dining room that has become a trend in California is a dining room style with a modern-rustic style with a choice of wooden furniture and industrial style masculine chandeliers that make the dining room look chic and elegant.


credit: housebeautiful

The kitchen that is the idol of the people of California is a modern concept kitchen with a touch of striking colors and sparkles like the nuances of the following silver kitchen! A touch of elegance can be seen from the crystal chandeliers and wooden tables coated in gold paint that make the kitchen atmosphere more elegant.

More free space will make your moving cook feel so free. But, the important thing is how to comport in the kitchen you can. The design is very important here. The layout a placing for everything can affect the comfortable too.

So, make sure you place the thing in the right place, for your best result.

A Faux Barndominium

credit: pinterest

Friend, have you ever heard the term A Faux Barndominium? If not, then Rooang will explain it as follows. A Faux Barndominium is a building in the form of a house that was usually used as a warehouse or storage area for plantation products.

However, today the building is used as a residence and is a trend in California. Usually this building is built with steel material both in terms of structure and construction.

But, in this case you have to conceive how barndominium floor plans for best result. And the interior design usually uses parquet floors with a choice of comfortable furniture like the following sofa!

Living Room

A cheerful color-themed living room would be prettier to look at, buddy! Orange and blue is one of the matching solid colors that is suitable for making the attention of guests or friends who visit the house. With a little white accent as a neutralizer, this bright, vibrant living room becomes even more beautiful and attractive!


The sea-themed bedroom concept is also one of the decorating trends too, buddy! Ocean blue and white colors immediately visible from the following room decor inspiration. The warm element is presented in the bedroom through wood material in the room.

The improvisation from yourself can be dominated by your character. Any design looks like the mainstream of buildings. But, the speciality like that so interesting for everyone who never sees on the location of their residence.

The concept of the sea can be stronger presented in the bedroom through a sea-themed display in the form of a steering wheel on a wall mounted on the wall as follows! Navy blue shades can also be chosen by Rooang friends for a more masculine bedroom feel.

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