6 Reasons Why You Should Quickly End Relationships Without Status

Romance without clarity of status will only torture your feelings. Because you feel you have someone you love but in fact it’s not what you feel. Until finally you will be trapped in the hopes that you have made yourself. That way, you have to be willing if one day you have to lose it because you are nobody.

So that things like that do not happen to you, then in a romantic relationship there must be clarity of status. You who have a relationship without a clear status must end it quickly. Here are some reasons.

1. So that you don’t feel hurt

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Having a relationship without a clear status will only make you feel hurt. Because you can’t have him completely. In undergoing this relationship, there are many desires that you cannot express such as wanting to be jealous but feel that you have no right or want to act like a partner but are afraid of being wrong.

Until finally you choose silence for fear of losing and feeling hurt yourself. That is why you have to end the relationship without status immediately.

2. So that you don’t get negative criticism from other people

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A person’s behavior is never separated from other people’s observations. Because today many people like to comment on the treatment of others even though it is not something related to them. When you are undergoing a status relationship, you must be prepared to accept all comments from others. However, clear relationships without status tend to be rated negatively by others.

3. Open opportunities for other people who want to be serious with you

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Know that there are still people out there who want to be a part of your life. It’s a big mistake if you only focus on relationships without clear status. Because such relationships are very vulnerable to separation.

What if there is someone who sincerely loves you out there but you don’t give him a chance because you only focus on your current relationship? So, immediately end your unclear relationship so you can be with the right person.

4. So that you don’t get stuck in false hopes

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Creating hope is indeed a beautiful thing. However, what if that hope could not be realized? Surely you will feel disappointed, right? Having a relationship without status is like that. So never expect more with a relationship without clear status. It’s better to end immediately so you don’t get caught up in false hopes.

5. So that you don’t spend your time with things that are in vain

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Time will continue, as does your age that will continue to grow. If your love relationship is still in obscurity, why is it maintained? You only spend your time and age with useless things. Immediately end the relationship so that you can manage the things that have been ignored by you. Because time cannot be played back.

That’s 5 reasons why you should quickly end a relationship without status. Come on, decide from now on. There is no confusion when it will end the relationship. Because happiness in a relationship is when you have a strong and clear commitment.

6. So that you don’t love him more

The love that is dibarkarka continues to grow over time will backfire for yourself especially if the feeling of love is for people who do not have status with us. There is no certainty that the person will choose you, he could have chosen someone else in his life and not you. If in such conditions then you who have loved him very much will be devastated and destroyed but on the other hand you cannot do anything because you do not have any status with him.